Latin American Studies Minimum 15 credits Certificate

The Certificate in Latin American Studies is designed to promote knowledge and understanding of Latin
America and the Caribbean through multidisciplinary study and field experience. It provides students with
a broad background in the long and complex history, intersecting political, economic, and social
structures, and diverse cultures of the region. Students who wish to pursue the LAS certificate must apply
by informing an academic advisor and completing the appropriate paperwork.

Latin American area courses 5 courses - 15 credits
Students take five courses from at least three different departments. Only one of the courses may be from
the student’s major department. Students may transfer credits for no more than two of the area courses
from another college or university. The Pitt-Greensburg courses listed below may be used as Latin American area
courses. Other courses in which 25% of the content is devoted to Latin American and in which a student’s
papers/projects/presentations are based on Latin American may, with the approval of the certificate
advisor, be counted as one of the required area courses.

ANTHROPOLOGY: ANTH 1482- Caribbean Cultures and ANTH 1787- Special Topics in Anthropology-
HISTORY: HIST 0500- Colonial Latin America, 0501- Modern Latin America, HIST 1522- Brazil, HIST
1525 Mexico, HIST 1565- Race and Gender in Latin America, HIST 1583- 20th Century Latin American
Revolutions and HIST 1590- Andean Societies
SPANISH: SPAN 0050- Spanish Civilization, SPAN 0051- Latin American Civilization, SPAN 0055- Intro
to Hispanic Literature, SPAN 0060- Latin American Film and Literature, SPAN 1403- Latin American
Narrative, SPAN 1404- Latin American Topics, SPAN 1407- US Latino Film and SPAN 1420- Latin
American Literature in Translation.

Study Abroad
Students must enroll for a six-week program of study in an accredited study abroad program in a Latin
American country. Pitt-Greensburg students are also eligible for the yearly seminar/field trip to a Latin American
country sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies. Selection for the program is competitive and
requires an application due in early October and an interview.

Language Proficiency
Students must demonstrate proficiency in either Spanish or Portuguese. Completion of six semesters of
college-level courses including SPAN 0001, 0002, 0003 and 0004 plus two additional Spanish language
classes will satisfy the language proficiency requirement. Native speakers of either language can request
that the language proficiency requirement be waived.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all courses used to fulfill requirements for the Latin
American Studies certificate