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Welcome to the Pitt-Greensburg Interdisciplinary Arts Program

The Interdisciplinary Arts Major offers a unique curriculum that allows students to study three fundamental artistic disciplines (Music, Theatre, and Art History) and the connections among them. It is designed so that students will receive the most instruction in the discipline they choose as their "focus area," while still spending significant times studying the other two. During their senior year, students will then take a capstone course in which they will pursue a creative or research oriented project that will tie their study of all the arts together.

With the major's broad-based and comprehensive approach to the arts, along with the development of creative and critical thinking skills, students will be prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, including arts management, museum and library work, journalism, education, communications, theatre production, and a variety of graduate school programs, such as business, law, and several branches of the arts. In addition, the program has been designed so that students may pursue a second major (such as management or psychology) to further prepare them for an exciting career involving the arts.