Katz Graduate School of Business at Pitt-Greensburg

The University of Pittsburgh’s Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and Pitt-Greensburg have teamed together to offer the new Katz Immersion MBA (KIMBA) at the Greensburg campus beginning September 2009. That program, designed for working professionals, will assemble students from diverse experiences and provide an intensive MBA education by immersing students in coursework for three days a month over a two-year period. Admission requirements, total credits, and the curriculum design are consistent with the existing Katz School part-time MBA program. 

Classes will be offered one weekend per month, Friday through Sunday. Students will be enrolled in a six-term, cohort-based program and be required to complete 52.5 credits to earn the MBA degree.

The Katz Immersion MBA is a unique blend of the high-caliber Katz MBA and the beautiful Pitt-Greensburg campus. Katz offers an education that meets the highest standards for master's degree programs in business administration worldwide. This rigorous program provides the opportunity for: experience-based learning, exposure to entrepreneurship, understanding the principles of supply chain management and value-chain management, and a global business perspective.

To be admitted to the program, students are required to have completed at least three years of post-undergraduate work experience. For more information about the program visit www.business.pitt.edu/immersion.html

Judicial Forum at Pitt-Greensburg

Pitt Greensburg is hosting a special forum for the eight Westmoreland County judicial candidates at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 11, 2009. The program will be held in the Ferguson theatre (Smith Hall).  For more information on the forum, visit www.upg.pitt.edu

Community Event at Pitt-Greensburg

The Westmoreland County Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office will present a program on "how to avoid living trust scams" in the Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center at Pitt-Greensburg. For more information on this event, visit www.upg.pitt.edu.
Pitt-Greensburg Students Visit State Capitol

For more than 15 years, “Pitt Day in Harrisburg,” has given members of the General Assembly an opportunity to talk with alumni, faculty, and students about their work and to gain a first-hand perspective of the challenges and changes facing public higher education. Members of the Alumni Legislative Network (ALN) have annually traveled to Harrisburg in order to meet with elected officials and to be the voice of Pitt.

Senator Kim Ward, center.

Representative Marc Gergely

Senator Sean Logan.

Pitt-Greensburg students in the photos are:  Sergey Blyakhor, Sean Cercone, Amanda Zacur, Austin Davis, and Cory Stinedurf.

On March 17th, Pitt students from the Oakland, Greensburg and Bradford campuses participated in Pitt Day. Members and staff of both the House and Senate attended the reception. Others from the different state departments, including the Governor's office, also came in support of Pitt. This year's event was the largest ever in terms of participants and contacts with legislators. Last year on Pitt Day there were about 100 legislative visits in total, and this year there were more than 250 visits.

Alumni News
Brian Root (Class of 2004) - a Resident Director at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, was recently elected to serve a two-year term as the Communications Commission Chair of the Pennsylvania College Personnel Association (PCPA).  In his new position, he will sit on the association's executive board and oversee and recommend appropriate action affecting overall policy of PCPA publications such as the e-newsletter, Web site, and alternate recruitment publicity.  PCPA is one of Pennsylvania's primary professional associations in the student development/student affairs profession.

Brian Skatell - a former Pitt-Greensburg student will appear on the Golf Channel's Big Break.  For more information, visit the Web Site.

Alumni Association is Offering a New $4,000 Scholarship

High school students who are still trying to decide where to go to college, will now have another incentive to select the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.  The Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association (PGAA) will award (2) $1000 scholarships  to prospective students in 2009.  Then , if the students continue to meet the necessary criteria, the PGAA, in cooperation with the Office of Financial Aid and the Pitt Alumni Association in Oakland will continue to award each of them $1000 for the remaining three years (a total of $4000 per student). The criteria to qualify for the award include GPA, Class Rank and SAT scores.   Every year, two new scholarships will be awarded.

To make a donation to the PGAA Scholarship Fund, please contact Nancy Murphy at upgalum@pitt.edu

Student Emergency Fund at Pitt-Greensburg

The Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association recently established a Student Emergency Fund.  This fund will be used to help students who need immediate financial assistance.  If faculty or staff members are aware of a situation, they can access the information online and apply for funds on behalf of a student in need.  The PGAA realizes that times are tough and the students need our support.  This is a new program so funds are limited.  To help us offer even more assistance to our students, you can make a donation to the Student Emergency Fund by contacting Nancy Murphy at upgalum@pitt.edu.

Would you like to donate to the PGAA, but you just can't afford it right now?

We know money is tight.  That’s why we were thrilled to find out about a company that allows people to support nonprofit organizations, like the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association (PGAA) without spending any additional money.  Most of us search the Internet on a daily basis, and more and more of us are also making purchases online.  Now, thanks to a company called GoodSearch, the PGAA can earn money every time you search the Internet!  And, if you use the www.GoodShop.com site to purchase items from popular stores like Target, Macys, Best Buy, etc. they will also donate a percentage of those sales to the PGAA!  It’s that easy!  All you have to do is begin your searches using the www.GoodSearch.com Web site—or just add the toolbar to your internet homepage, and you’re ready to go,

    Make sure you select the Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Association as your “Designated Charity”  

It's Time for Your Close Up

Students are always curious about who our alumni are, and what they are doing now…so let’s show them!  We are looking for Pitt-Greensburg alumni who are willing to talk for a few minutes on camera about their college experience, what they are doing now, and why it is important to stay connected to Pitt-Greensburg—a  mini-commercial, so to speak. We will be shooting some of the segments on campus and some may be shot “on location” (at your place of employment).  The video will be used on the Web site and at various events.   

To participate in the video, please contact Nancy Murphy at upgalum@pitt.edu or 724-836-7496.


Too shy for the camera….we are also looking for written testimonials from our alumni that we can use on the Web site and in various marketing materials.  Please send us your testimonial at upgalum@pitt.edu.

Weddings at Pitt-Greensburg

If you, or a family member, are planning a wedding, why not consider getting married in the new Mary Lou Campana Chapel and Lecture Center located on the Pitt-Greensburg campus. This beautiful facility was built in memory of Mary Lou Campana and is only available to those people who have a direct affiliation with the University. (Immediate family members include parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.) We are now accepting reservations for ceremonies.  Click here to view on-line wedding information.

For more information on upcoming events:


Email: upgalum@pitt.edu

Phone 724-836-7496

Pitt-Greensburg Alumni Affairs at upgalum@pitt.edu or 724-836-7496