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Q: What is the total enrollment at UPG?
A: Approx. 1800 students

Q: How many students are full-time?
A: Approx. 1630 students.

Q: What is the student-faculty ratio?
A: 18:1

Q: What is the average class size?
A: 25 students. Class size varies, but approximately 70% of classes have 30 or fewer students.

Q: What percentage of the faculty holds a Ph.D.?
A: Approx. 82% of the full-time UPG faculty have a Ph.D or terminal degree.

Q: How big is the physical campus?
A: UPG consists of 22 buildings located on 219 acres of wooded land.

Q: How many students live on campus?
A: Approx. 650 students live in our residence halls.

Q: What degrees are awarded from UPG?
A: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees are awarded by UPG. We do not offer Associate degrees or graduate programs.

Q: How many programs of study does UPG offer?
A: UPG offers 20 Bachelor-level, four-year degree programs as well as many pre-professional programs (pre-med, pre-vet, etc.)

Q: When was the Greensburg campus founded?
A: The Greensburg campus was founded in 1963 and began offering courses. The land on which the campus is now located was purchased in 1964 from the Lynch family.

Q: How many students receive financial aid?
A: Approx. 67% of students receive financial assistance, including grants, scholarships, loans and work-study employment.

Q: Are intercollegiate athletics offered?
A: Yes. Begun in 1995, the program now encompasses twelve sports (six for men and six for women) as part of the NCAA Division III.

Men : Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Cross Country Women: Softball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country(Cheer Team & Dance Team - not recognized as part of NCAA Division III Team)

Q: Is the campus safe?
A: YES! Our campus location, coupled with the extremely low crime rate in Hempfield Twp and in Westmoreland County , makes this a very safe environment. UPG maintains a full-time, 24-hours per day Safety and Security Department consisting of a director, assistant director, and five full-time officers. All security officers are trained in emergency response, first aid, AED and CPR.

Q: What is your alcohol policy?
A: UPG is a DRY campus. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in all residence halls and on the campus as a whole. Alcohol violations are considered serious and violators will be prosecuted.

Q: What are the requirements to live in the Academic Villages?
A: To be considered, you must do the following (after being admitted to UPG and paying the $100 non-refundable tuition deposit):
-Submit all housing application forms and housing deposit.
-Submit a Village application (including essay questions)(Meet all housing deadlines - see housing information below.)

To maintain status in the Village, you must attend the required number of Village programs, contribute to the Village as a leader, planner or support person, and maintain the minimum GPA as set by each village director. (Please note: You do not have to be majoring in a particular program to be included in any of the Villages. For example, a student may major in Biological Sciences, but have a strong interest in poetry. He/she could apply to the Humanities Village , though the major would fall under the Natural Sciences and New Technologies Village .)

Q: How many computers are in the Computing Center?
A: Approx. 135 total: approx. 60 in the general purpose lab and approx. 25 in each of three computer classrooms.

Q: Are students allowed to bring their own computers into their room? If so, can they be connected to the campus network and Internet?
A: Yes. Students are permitted to bring computers and they can be wired to the campus network, including Internet.

Q: What is the Lyceum building?
A: The Lyceum is the Village Hall for the Natural Sciences & New Technologies Village . The NSNT Village holds programs in the Lyceum and uses it as a study/gathering area.

Q: Is there a deadline for housing?
A: Yes. Housing will be guaranteed for Fall 2007 to those new students who return their completed housing application packet and pay the $150 housing deposit before May 1, 2007. (Before applying for housing, students must be admitted and pay the $100 tuition deposit.)

Q: Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?
A: Yes. All students who bring a car to campus must purchase an annual parking permit. The cost (for the 2007-2008 school year) is $65.