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   Our Program
      Realize your potential

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   ... Our Program is the second largest on campus and the largest non-professional,
  liberal arts major at UPG.

   ... Students are given a solid foundation in theories, methods and skills related to
  psychology, and may explore linkages between psychology and related fields like
  education, health sciences, management, administration of justice, communication,
  and the social sciences.

   Our Goals
      Window to the future


   ... Many of our majors find jobs or complete internships in a career-
  relevant area before graduation, and most remain in the community
  as professionals. Many go on to graduate school, usually earning a
  master’s degree in social work, counseling, or education. 

   ... Psychology is one of the most marketable majors, and teaches a
  variety of skills and information likely to enhance employability.  It
  opens an array of possible future career paths, including clinical and
  service work, education, health care and health sciences, corrections
  and forensic work, administration, public affairs, and business 
  options like personnel work, sales or advertising.   

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   ... Psychology can be a stepping stone to a number of careers and educational opportunities.  While
  desirable, graduate education is not required for employment, and can be pursued while working, with 
  employer support, and/or as a long-range goal.

   Our Promise
      Expand your possibilities


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   ... Psychology is one of the most useful and flexible 
  majors -- it provides training in critical thinking, writing, 
  communication, research, and statistics, and encourages 
  empathy and an openness to diversity.

  ... We sponsor activities and learning experiences for
  students through the Behavioral Sciences Academic
  Village (BSAV) and Psi Chi, the National Honor Society 
  for Psychology, maintaining strong links to student 
  programs on campus and in the larger community.