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APRIL 2009


Counseling Corner

Greetings, Pitt-Greensburg Families.  We’ve almost made it through another academic year at Pitt-Greensburg.  Hopefully both you and your student feel this year has been a successful one.  As you anticipate the end of spring semester, here are some thoughts about what your student may be experiencing.


April – Spring Fever

The school year may be coming to an end, but stress is still an issue.  End of the year anxiety and depression over leaving friends and possibly facing new conflicts at home is a typical feeling for students, especially residents.  Seniors may be feeling panic over finding jobs, admission to graduate programs, and financial changes.  Pressure surrounding final exams and papers is at a peak.  There are positive stressors for students, too.  Seniors are excited about graduation and moving on to a new phase in life, and all students look forward to the end of the academic year.  Resident students look forward to seeing friends from home.  The gorgeous spring weather we’re having makes it that much more difficult to focus on schoolwork.


The best way to support your child through the end of the semester and finals is to listen, encourage, and show that you care.  Remind them that you know they’re capable of making good choices about studying, eating right, and getting enough rest.  Suggest that short breaks are helpful and exercising for brief periods can improve focus.  Encourage procrastinators to break overwhelming projects into smaller, more manageable steps.  Lastly, remind your student that the Counseling Center has lots of information on stress management, relaxation skills, and test anxiety.  There will soon be a link on the Counseling Center’s web page to “Exam Week Stress” information from the National Mental Health Association – be sure to check it out.


As always, I can be reached at 724-836-9870.  Hang in there – you’ve almost made it.

Have a wonderful, relaxing summer!

Gayle F. Pamerleau, LCSW

Director of Counseling


13th Annual Pitt-Greensburg
Children’s Literature Conference

You are cordially invited to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg's 13th Annual Children's Literature Conference.  This year's event will be held on Friday, May 1st, 2009.  The one day event runs from 8:15am-4:30pm and includes a hot buffet lunch and a free book signing with all of the authors in attendance.

This year we will hear from multiple Newbery Honor Award winning author Gary D. Schmidt (“Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy,” “Trouble,” “The Wednesday Wars”) and multiple Newbery Honor Award winning author Jacqueline Woodson ("After Tupac and D Foster,” “Show Way,” “Feathers”).

As always, we have a bunch of wonderful breakout sessions.  From using literature to create poetry and art projects, to finding creative ways to teach about math and the environment, to discovering the current trends in children's book publishing, this year's Children's Literature Conference has something both entertaining and valuable for everyone.

To learn more about this year's upcoming conference and our speakers, please visit our website:

Full-day registration is open to the general public for $70.00.  Walk-ups are welcome.

The Children's Literature Conference is both Act 48 and Act 37 approved.

If you have any questions, please contact us:
upgclc@pitt.edu or call 724-836-7159


Still not convinced?  Here are the top 13 reasons you should attend the 13th Annual Children's Literature Conference:


13) It's our lucky 13th year!


12) See the lovely Pitt-Greensburg campus in all of its spring glory.


11) We are an attendee supported event.  Therefore, the more people that attend, the bigger names we can bring in for you to meet.


10) While everything seems to go up in price, the Children's Literature Conference has not raised its registration fee in years and is still the best bargain around.


9) Small, informal breakout sessions.  Learn about all of the new books and find interesting new ways to connect children and literacy.


8) Five activity hours for either Act 48 or Act 37 credit.


7) We're local.  No expensive hotels or travel worries.


6) Long weekend!  Take Friday off and come join us.


5) Networking.  Meet others just as interested as you in children's literature.


4) The Books!  Not only do we sell the books of our featured authors at the conference, but, when possible, we sell them to you at a below sticker price discount!


3) Unlimited, personalized autographs by the best children's authors.  Gary D. Schmidt and Jacqueline Woodson want to meet you!


2) The Food!  Hot, delicious buffet-style lunch, desserts, and a continental breakfast.


1) It's fun!





 Please see information regarding the parent appreciation dinner, legacy presentations, and commencement photographs on the Web site.  Click on "Graduation."

Good Search



Internet searches can lead to increased revenue for Pitt-Greensburg. Introducing the GoodSearch search engine, which donates 50 percent of its revenue to the charities and schools that use it. The money donated to Pitt-Greensburg by GoodSearch comes from advertisers; users pay nothing. Each search will generate approximately $0.01 for the University. Simply visit www.goodsearch.com and enter University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in the “who do you GoodSearch for” box. After verification, you can click “amount raised” to see how we’re doing! Please note that not all searches count toward revenue, such as image searches, video searches, “search this site” searches, searches for URL’s; sites where the URL is well known such as hotmail, ESPN, MySpace, Facebook, gmail, AOL, etc.; searches for stock quotes, searches for word definitions; and other searches generated from fraudulent use.

GoodSearch also includes GoodShop, which is an online shopping mall of world-class merchants who help fund worthy causes. Every purchase made from GoodShop results in a donation to Pitt-Greensburg – an average of 3 percent but potentially as much as 20 percent or more depending on the retailer. You can shop from the GoodSearch page or visit www.goodshop.com.

45th Anniversary Planner

Please join us in celebrating our 45th Anniversary.  All events with an  asterisk are open to the public.



Pitt-Greensburg Chorale

Music &”

7:00 p.m.

Campana Chapel and Lecture Center

Open to the public



13th Annual Children’s Literature Conference

Check  www.library.pitt.edu/green/millstein.html for more information.

Conference fee: $60 if postmarked on or before March 31, 2009, $70 thereafter