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JANUARY 25, 3008
Counseling Corner

January – Getting back into the swing of things

     Welcome back, Pitt-Greensburg families.  Hopefully, everyone had a fun and restful winter break.  It’s a new semester, a new year, and while the academic year is half over and some may feel like college is becoming routine, there are some new stressors and opportunities for your students at this time. 

     First, returning to campus, particularly for resident students, can feel like a milder version of August move-in.  A little post-holiday let-down, or a little homesickness after being home for 3 weeks is not unusual.  Encouraging your student to tough it out and get connected on campus is still good advice.  If the low mood doesn’t improve in a couple of weeks, you might suggest your student stop by the Counseling Center.  This is the time of year when those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – a type of depression related to reduced hours of daylight) can really suffer.

     After seeing last semesters’ grade reports, some students may decide getting back into the swing of things is not good enough.  Some students may need to make some significant changes, and the start of a semester is a good time to do so.  One main behavior change for many students is improving attendance.  Starting the semester by attending every class for the first few weeks makes it a habit that’s much easier to stick with.  If your student has returned to Pitt-Greensburg with the optimistic attitude that this semester will be different, help her/him stay on track by offering positive encouragement and praise.

      As always, feel free to contact the Counseling Center with any questions or concerns.


Gayle F. Pamerleau, LCSW

Director of Counseling



La Cultura Lecture

Prayer Rugs, Music Videos,
and Cell Phones -

Contemporary Egyptian Culture




Dr. Richard Cahill
Berea College


Wednesday, February 6, 2008
7:00 p.m.

Mary Lou Campana Chapel
& Lecture Center

Dr. Richard Cahill studied Middle Eastern history at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he completed his Ph.D. in 1996.   From 1996 through 2002, Dr. Cahill lived in Cairo, Egypt, while directing an academic program for university students from the United States called the Middle East Studies Program.   In addition, he has led many study tours through the Middle East including Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.  He is fluent in the Egyptian dialect of Arabic.  He is currently associate professor of history and director of international education at Berea College in Kentucky, where he teaches on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the contemporary Middle East, and Islam.

La Cultura Benefit Dinner

(left-right) Sheila Confer, Village Hall Coordinator, Diane Williams, Paul Sarver, Sergey Blyakhor, Melissa Wojtaszek,
Laura Lucas, Aaron Slafka, Megan Redfoot

Middle Eastern Dancers from
Khafif Music and Dance Troupe

Pitt-Greensburg student volunteers helped to make the La Cultura 2008 dinner a big success. The event was held January 19, and the Chambers Hall gym was transformed into the site of an extravagant Egyptian feast, complete with belly dancers from Khafif Music and Dance, a Pittsburgh group that specializes in Middle Eastern dances. Our students volunteered in the coat-check area and the registration table and were generally available to assist guests and talk about the experiences some of them have had with studying abroad. Proceeds from the fund-raising dinner benefit the Pitt-Greensburg Study Abroad Program and the Guy Rossetti International Study Fund. Both help our students finance their study-abroad trips.

Adding and Dropping Courses

TO ADD/DROP A COURSE: Your student must see his/her advisor to sign the enrollment form; Take the form to the registrar's office to complete the add/drop process.

TO ADD/DROP A COURSE: Go to the registrar's office to complete the enrollment form.

Cat Cash