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Welcome Back from the President

Dear Family and Friends:


The 2010 academic year is nearly here and will mark the ending of the first decade of the 21st century.  Exciting opportunities and challenges lie ahead.  During the year we expect to announce new academic majors and programs. Be on the alert for these so that you can seize the opportunities as they become available.  Popular activities – like “speed interviewing” for jobs are returning and will be supplemented with analogous preparation for graduate school.  Major changes are occurring in the world beyond the campus.  The programs and services we provide our students and the new options we will be presenting are designed to enable our students to embrace those changes and turn them into opportunities for success.  In these newsletters we will introduce you to the key offerings we have in place and preview new options as they are developed.  This is the time for our talented and enthusiastic students to discover themselves and their world.  It is our privilege to guide them on that journey.


Sharon P. Smith

Freshman Survey

On September 14, all Pitt-Greensburg freshmen will have the opportunity to complete a short survey that will help our staff and faculty identify potential academic and social issues early in the semester in order to help students with the assistance they need immediately.


MAP-Works enhances a student’s ability to be more successful in college. It provides strategies for success with customized, relevant information to help students get the most out of the first year of college. MAP stands for Making Achievement Possible and Pitt-Greensburg is one of only 80 schools in the country to be using this proven student success program.


After completing a brief survey, MAP-Works will provide students with an extensive, personalized report on:


- How to meet their expectations

- What their peers are thinking

- How to be more successful in college

- What campus resources are available to help them


In addition, the first 100 respondents will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 bookstore gift certificate! The next 100 respondents will have the chance to win a $75 bookstore gift certificate! Additional drawings and prizes will be available.


Please encourage your Freshman son or daughter to take part in this important program and help ensure their success at Pitt-Greensburg.

Counseling Corner

 Gayle Pamerleau, director of the Pitt-Greensburg Counseling Center, provided the following information about homesickness.


Welcome to the “Counseling Corner” section of the Families E-Connection.  As the director of the Counseling Center, I contribute to the newsletter throughout the year.  My goal is to keep you informed about common stressors for students at specific times each semester, and to provide you with information on current topics in college mental health. 


Starting college is stressful.  There are so many changes – good and bad – to adjust to.  And lots of changes – even good ones – can lead to stress.  This is particularly true for incoming freshmen who live in the residence halls, but it is also true for transfer students and returning students: residents and commuters.  All of these changes can feel overwhelming.  And being overwhelmed and surrounded by the unfamiliar can lead to homesickness

Feeling homesick is a normal emotional response to the stress of starting college.  Again, this is especially true for resident freshmen, but returning students can be homesick too, when facing adjustments at school after a summer at home. 

It’s hard to receive sad phone calls asking to come home, and it’s tempting to come to the rescue, but the best way to cope with homesickness is to tough it out.  The more you can encourage your student to stay on campus the first few weeks of this semester, the easier it will be for her/him to fit in socially and acclimate to college.  Everyone is a little homesick at first, and everyone is eager to make new connections.  If your student comes home during this time and misses that period where everyone is reaching out, it may be harder for her/him to make those connections later on, when other students have already begun to form friendships. 

Instead, encourage resident students to attend campus events, find an organization to join, and talk to others in their residence halls.  If you get a tearful call, suggest that your student focus on the positives, even going so far as to list 3 good things that have happened each day.  Remind resident students to rely on the support of their RAs.  Sending cards and occasional care packages, and even coming to take your student out for a meal in the area – but not home overnight – are good ways to offer support. 

Commuter students may not experience homesickness, but they may feel really intimidated by the process of fitting in and finding comfortable places to hang out on campus.  Family members may see reluctance or resistance to coming to campus instead of homesickness.  Encourage commuter students to stay on campus between classes, study in common areas, join a club, and attend evening events.  Remind them Pitt Greensburg’s student body is over 50% commuters – they are not alone!  As with residents – the more commuter students stay on campus early on this semester, the more likely they are to develop a sense of belonging here. 

Of course, no one knows your student like you do.  If you feel the homesickness or resistance your student is experiencing is beyond what’s normal for your child, please encourage her/him to come to the Counseling Center, and to contact the Counseling Center yourself with any concerns.  We can discuss your individual situation and determine if additional assistance is appropriate.  

Gayle F. Pamerleau, LCSW
Director of Counseling

Admissions Counselors

Heather Kabala (Director of Admissions) is beginning her 8th year with the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. She began her career here as Assistant Director of Admissions in 2002 and in 2007 was promoted to Director of Admissions as part of a restructuring of the enrollment management functions of the campus. Before coming to Pitt-Greensburg, Heather worked in the admissions office of her alma mater, La Roche College, where as a student she earned a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. She began her professional career in marketing with Prudential Realty in Pittsburgh and then Lincoln Bank of North Carolina.


Heather is able to provide guidance and direction on high school preparation for college, the college search process, admission practices, academic programs, and transfer guidelines. The Admissions Office can also provide valuable work experience to your student through the PittPALS program. If your student is interested in gaining experience with communication, marketing, and public relations, becoming a PittPAL (student tour guide and office assistant) can offer them part-time employment and great work experience for building their resume.

Heather Kabala
Director of Admissions

Joyce Eger is an Admissions Counselor at Pitt-Greensburg.  She has been with the University for 1½ years, and her recruiting territory covers 25 counties within Pennsylvania.  What she enjoys most about her job is the individual meetings with prospective students and their families.  A Greensburg resident for 15 years, Joyce lives with her husband Bill, and children, Nick and Elizabeth.

Joyce Eger
Admissions Counselor

Chad Smith is in his second year as an admissions counselor here at Pitt-Greensburg. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Chad was admitted to Pitt-Greensburg as an options student. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree in the spring of 2008. While a student, Chad was very involved on campus. He was a resident assistant (RA) for seven semesters, a Presidential Ambassador, a PittPAL (tour guide), a member of several student clubs, performed in five theatrical performances, and even got his homework in on time. He lives in Greensburg, PA.

Chad Smith
Admissions Counselor
Millstein Library

The Millstein Library is an academic support unit serving the research needs of Greensburg’s students, faculty, and staff. Currently the library contains over 78,000 volumes and provides access to a vast array of information resources through the University Library System's Digital Library. There is also a computer lab and wireless network available to students for research and class work and a café area for students to read, relax, and reflect.  This year we hope to add an outdoor café to further enhance the atmosphere of the library as a place for study and enjoyment.


Open seven days a week during the fall and spring terms, the library also maintains a very strong virtual presence through Ask-a-Librarian, e-mail, and Facebook The library staff is dedicated to providing high quality reference services and instruction to both new and continuing students.  Recently, in concert with other Pitt campuses, the library instituted the SAILS (Standardized Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) test to incoming freshman and outgoing seniors to determine current information literacy skills and develop a better program to improve these skills at the Greensburg Campus.


To learn more about the library, please visit our online tour, view our presentation, Welcome to the Millstein Library, or enjoy reading Millstein Matters.


Dr. Pat Duck

Director of the Library and

Coordinator of Regional University Library System Libraries



Intramural Athletics

Tony Berich begins his second year as the University's Director of Athletics & Recreation, overseeing Pitt-Greensburg's 11 varsity athletic programs as well as the Chambers Hall facility.  A native of Lewistown, Pa., and a 1993 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Berich also supervises the University's intramural program, which is run by Coordinator of Intramurals, Patrick Ross.  "We have many intramural opportunities for the student-athletes at Pitt-Greensburg, beginning in the fall with flag football, outdoor soccer, and volleyball, along with other activities students express interest in," said Berich of the University's offerings.  "We encourage all students to get involved in intramurals, creating a healthy balance of academics and physical fitness."

Tony Berich
Director of Athletics & Recreation

Good Search


Internet searches can lead to increased revenue for Pitt-Greensburg when you use the GoodSearch search engine, which donates 50 percent of its revenue to the charities and schools that use it. The money donated to Pitt-Greensburg by GoodSearch comes from advertisers; users pay nothing. Each search will generate approximately $0.01 for the University.


Simply visit and enter University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in the “who do you GoodSearch for” box. After verification, you can click “amount raised” to see how we’re doing! Please note that not all searches count toward revenue, such as image searches, video searches, “search this site” searches, searches for URL’s; sites where the URL is well known such as hotmail, ESPN, MySpace, Facebook, gmail, AOL, etc.; searches for stock quotes, searches for word definitions; and other searches generated from fraudulent use.


GoodSearch also includes GoodShop, which is an online shopping mall of world-class merchants who help fund worthy causes. Every purchase made from GoodShop results in a donation to Pitt-Greensburg – an average of 3 percent but potentially as much as 20 percent or more depending on the retailer. You can shop from the GoodSearch page or visit

Pitt-Greensburg Calendar of Events

Click here to view complete Calendar of Events.


August 27:  Freshman "Move-In" Day.  Welcome new students.


August 27:  Freshman Convocation. 


August 30:  Big Bang! Fireworks display.


August 31:  First day of classes.


September 9:  Activities Fair.  11 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Students sign up for activities of their choice.


September 17:  Graduation Countdown.  8 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Village Hall


September 24: Join us at the fall La Cultura presentation at 7 p.m. in the Campana Chapel and Lecture Center when Dr. Reid Andrews, Distinguished Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, will discuss issues affecting Brazil, especially in the area of race relations. Visit our web site for more information.  


September 25: Mark your calendar for September 25 and plan to join us at the Greensburg Country Club for our annual golf outing to benefit Alumni, Athletics, and the President’s Scholarship. The day begins with a shot gun start at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. with a delicious grilled lunch, prizes, and awards. Cost for an individual golfer is $150 and a foursome is $600. Visit for more information or to obtain sponsorship or registration information. 


October 1: Plan to attend the 6th annual Graduate and Professional School Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Pitt-Greensburg’s Chambers Hall. The fair is free and open to the public. Visit for more information or to see a list of the 40 participating schools and programs expected to attend. 

October 14: This year’s Arthur St. Clair Lecture will feature Dr. Devra Davis, professor of epidemiology at the Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health and former director of the first center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Dr. Davis is the author of When Smoke Ran Like Water, which explores the October 1948 atmospheric inversion that plunged Donora, Pennsylvania, into a smog so dark and thick cars were unable to navigate the streets—even with headlights on during the daylight hours. A third of the town’s residents fell ill within a few days and 20 people died.

October 15: The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg invites any member of our community who has graduated from medical school to serve as an interviewer during the Medical School Mock Interviews. Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 724-836-7496 or by email at to volunteer or learn more about this event.  

October 29: The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg invites any member of our community who has graduated from graduate school to serve as an interviewer during the Graduate School Mock Interviews. Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 724-836-7496 or by email at to volunteer or learn more about this event.

November 18: The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg invites any member of our community to serve as interviewers during this year’s Speed Interviewing event. Contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 724-836-7496 or by email at to volunteer or learn more.

February 5 & 6, 2010: Save the date and plan to join us for Pitt-Greensburg’s Homecoming & Family Weekend. Watch for more details here and at