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Billing Information
Students registered for 12 to 18 credits in the Fall and Spring terms are regarded as full-time students, and are assessed the current undergraduate "flat" tuition rate. Students registered for 11.5 or fewer credits are considered part-time, and are billed on a per-credit basis. Students registered for more than 18 credits will be charged for each additional credit that exceeds their full-time "flat" tuition rate. During the Summer term, all students are billed on a per-credit basis.

Statements reflect all activity on your student account, including charges, payments, and financial aid credited to your account. Pending financial aid, although awarded to you, cannot be credited to your account until you have fully satisfied the requirements of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

Statements are released online monthly and are always due on the 17th of the following month. If the 17th falls on the weekend or an official University holiday, you will not be penalized if your payment is received on the next working day. If you are paying by mail, we will consider your payment received the date it is postmarked. Payments made in person are applied to your account the day you present them.

Once a due date is assigned for payment of your charges on the Statement, that date is effective until the charge is paid. If you fail to pay your statement by the due date, late payment fees will be charged to your account and a financial hold may also be placed on your account.

You may mail your payment, pay in person in the Office of Student Accounts (130 Millstein Library, 150 Finoli Dr., Greensburg PA 15601) or use the University's web based student billing and payment option at: http://student-info.pitt.edu Payment may be made by check, money order, cash, American Express, Mastercard or Discover. Please make all checks payable to the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Please include the remittance stub with your payment and include your student ID number on your check or money order.

Optional Payment Plan
You are eligible to participate in the Optional Payment Plan if:
* You do not have an active financial hold and the
* "Total Amount Due" on your statement is $500 or more.

The first statements for the fall term will be released online in mid-July to all students who are registered for the term on or before the day the statements are printed.

If you are eligible, you may elect to participate in the Optional Payment Plan by paying the "Payment Plan Due" amount that will be on your statement.

* The "Payment Plan Due" amount includes a $30 service fee once per term if you are financing $500 or more,
* The number of installments is determined by the month you receive your first statement for a new term.
* That number is assigned for your plan, and is used in calculating your "Payment Plan Due" amount. See the chart below for the number of installments.

If, at any time during the plan you pay less than the "Payment Plan Due" amount or your payment is RECEIVED after the due date YOU WILL:

* Become ineligible to make optional payments during the remainder of the term,
* Be assessed a $50 late fee
* Be denied future services,
* And be required to pay your entire account balance in the following month.

Due Dates falling on weekends or University holidays will automatically be extended to the next working day. Unpaid accounts may be referred to a Collection Agency, and/or you may be subject to legal action. In either case, you will be responsible for any and all additional expenses incurred, including attorney fees.

Term First Statement Received Month
# of Installments Payment Plan Installments Will Be Due
Fall July August 3 August, September, October
August September 2 September, October
September October 1 October
Spring November December 3 December, January, February
December January 2 January, February
January February 1 February
Summer March April 3 April, May, June
April May 2 May, June
May June 1 June

Amounts received that are more than your charges will be refunded to you automatically, unless restrictions require that excess amounts be returned to the source. Federal regulations prohibit the University from applying Title IV funds (Stafford, Pell, Perkins, SEOG) to an account until 10 days prior to the first day of class for the period for which the funds are issued. We cannot issue a refund related to Stafford or other guaranteed student loans until the loan funds have been applied to your account. A refund check will be generated and sent to you at your main address. All refund checks are mailed and cannot be picked up at the Student Accounts Office.

Tuition & Fees - Two Semesters
Full Time New Students ^ In-State* Out-of-State
Full-Time Tuition & General Fees $11,782 $21,342
Room & Board Charges $8,630 $8,630
Total Maximum Billing Costs Living On Campus $20,412 $29,972

Full Time Continuing Students In-State* Out-of-State
Full-Time Tuition & General Fees $11,548 $21,128
Room & Board Charges $8,630 $8,630
Total Maximum Billing Costs Living On Campus $20,178 $29,758

Part Time New Students ^ In-State* Out-of-State
Fees charged for 2 semesters $260 $260
Tuition Charges per Credit $458 $857

Part Time Continuing Students In-State* Out-of-State
Fees charged for 2 semesters $260 $260
Tuition Charges per Credit $367 $691

^ New student is considered to be any student registered from fall term 2004 and forward.

* A PA resident is a person who has lived in Pennsylvania for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the date of his/her application to UPG. Any questions regarding residency can be directed to the PA Residency Officer, located in the Registrar's Office.

Food Costs Breakdown - Two Semesters
75 Meal Block + $150 Flex* $2,040
120 Meal Block + $150 Flex $2,190
10 Meal Plan + $150 Flex $2,400
14 Meal Plan + $150 Flex $2,620
75 Block + $300 Flex* $2,340
120 Block + $300 Flex $2,490
10 Meal + $300 Flex $2,700
14 Meal + $300 Flex $2,920 *
50 Block commuter + $150 Flex $1,270
* 75 Block plan not available to freshmen
Private Room Charges $5,710 *
Shared Room Charges $4,910

Housing Costs Breakdown - Two Semesters
A private room, the maximum cost meal plan: $8,630. (The cost of shared room and a smaller meal plan would reduce this cost.)

Special Service Fees
Fee Cost Description
Late Registration Fee $25 Continuing student who registers after the continuing student deadline
Special Service Fee $35 Students who register after classes begin, but before the add/drop period ends, with Vice President's singed authorization
Late Payment Fee $50 Students with overdue bills
Cancellation Fee $50 Students cancelled for non-payment of academic and related charges.
Reinstatement Fee $60 Reinstatement of cancelled resignation.
Resignation Fee $25 Full-time students who resign from all classes after the add/drop period.
Course Related Fees $50 All biology and chemistry lab courses
_ $150 Biology Senior Project Lab

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available to part-time students (taking at least six credits per term) and to full time students. For more information visit the UPG Financial Aid web page or call (724) 836-9881.

Financial Obligation
The University of Pittsburgh has the right to withhold services, access to academic records, including but not limited to transcripts and diplomas, and will refuse to accept registrations for current and future terms if a student defaults on any financial obligation unless repayment arrangements have been made that are satisfactory to the Treasurer of the University of Pittsburgh or his designate.