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Important Phone Numbers
On Campus Off Campus
Campus Police 9865 (724)836-9865
Safety and Security Director 9866 (724)836-9866
Police, Fire, or Ambulance 5-911 911
Pennsylvania State Police 5-(724)832-3288 (724)832-3288

Parking Ordinance for 2009 - 2010
Download Parking Ordinance (requires Adobe Reader)

Vehicle Registration Form
Download the Vehicle Registration Form.

Silent Witness Program
Download Silent Witness Form (requires Adobe Reader)

About the Department of Safety and Security
The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg maintains a full-time, 365 days a year, 24 hours per day, Safety and Security Department. The Safety and Security Department is located in the Safety and Security Center (SSC). The Department consists of a Director, Assistant Director and five full-time officers. The Director, Assistant Director, and all police officrs are Act 120 and Act 235 certified.

The officers are trained in emergency response procedures, First Aid, AED, and CPR. In-service training programs are provided to the officers to keep them abreast of changing laws and familiarize them with procedures and policies relating to safety. Additionally, the Department employs six student workers as dispatchers and special events persons to assist when needed.

In accordance with The College and University Security Information Act (Act 73 of 1988), all crimes on campus are reported to the Pennsylvania State Police. The UPG Department of Safety and Security maintains a close working relationship with area law enforcement agencies, specifically the Pennsylvania State Police, which has jurisdiction at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. Criminal prosecution of incidents that occur on campus are referred to the local District Justice or to the Westmoreland County District Attorney's Office.

The Department of Safety and Security also investigates violations of the UPG Student Code of Conduct and generally refers these incidents to the Judicial Board.

Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus and ring directly into the Safety and Security Office. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are encouraged to use these telephones in the event of an emergency.

In an effort to enhance the safety and security at UPG, the Department assists and participates in a variety of prevention programs. These include educational programs aimed at preventing sexual assaults, drinking and driving, and drug and alcohol abuse. The department promotes crime prevention programs on personal safety, and participates in Operation ID. Crime alert notices are distributed and posted throughout the campus in compliance with the University Security Information Act.

Fire safety inspections and drills are conducted once a semester in all residence halls. The Department of Safety and Security works with the Hempfield Township Fire Departments on all fire related incidents.

Everyone in the University Community is encouraged to report crime promptly and alert us to any unsafe conditions. If you have any information or questions please contact the Department of Safety and Security at (724) 836-9865 or on campus at 9865.

Safety Information

Download "For Safety's Sake" (requires Adobe Reader)
A brief Adobe PDF file outlining safety and security on campus.

Fire Safety
Know your evacuation routes
When the alarm sounds, leave your area immediately
Do not use the elevator, take the stairs
Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in North America. Smoking in bed can be fatal
Always stay near cooking to monitor it closely
If you encounter smoke while you are escaping, crawl low under the smoke

Personal Safety - Sexual Assault
Be aware of your surroundings.
Be assertive- try to set limits.
Recognize the risks of drugs and/or alcohol.
Trust your instincts- if something doesn't seem right, use whatever means necessary to get away.
Act quickly - evaluate the danger of fighting, running, yelling, or submitting. Act immediately!
Run toward areas with people, if possible.
Scream for help- it could attract others.
Park close to your destination and in well-lighted areas at night.

Personal Safety - When Threatened
Scream, break free and run.
Run to the nearest building or dormitory and tell someone what happened.
Call your parents, a friend, security, and /or the police.
Remain there until your parents, a friend, security, and/or police arrive.
Try to remember details about the person.

Personal Safety - Credit Cards
Sign all new cards immediately and cut up expired cards.
Examine your monthly statements.
Safeguard your credit cards as you do cash.
Don't leave your cards sitting around your dorm room.
Don't give information about your credit card over the phone.
Don't give your PIN number to anyone