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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know who my advisor is?
A: At the beginning of the fall term you will receive an email notifying you of your academic advisor is and how to contact him/her. If you need a reminder, you may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 724-836-9940. 

Q: How do I schedule an appointment to meet with my Advisor?
A: Call the Office of Academic Affairs at 724-836-9940, or stop by 110 Millstein Library to make an appointment.

Q: Where can I find out what classes I still need to take?
A: Your first step is to consult your Distribution of Credits (DOC) sheet and your account at my.pitt.edu. Then call the Office of Academic Affairs (X9940 or 9893) or stop by 207 Lynch Hall to make an appointment.

Q: How many credits can I transfer to Pitt-Greensburg?
A: Upon initial admission, students can transfer 60 credits from an accredited two year institution and 90 credits from an accredited four year institution. After beginning your academic career at Pitt-Greensburg, transfer credits must be approved by your Academic Advisor.
Also, please be aware that:

  1. ONE HALF of the total credits required in your major department must be taken at Pitt-Greensburg.
  2. THE FINAL 30 DEGREE CREDITS must be taken at Pitt- Greensburg.
  3. In order to graduate with honors, you must complete at least 60 credits with traditional letter grades at Pitt- Greensburg.

Q: What classes should I take if I do not have a major yet?
A: You should take courses that fulfill the General Education Requirements.

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